Fly Stock Reduction

By the end of this year (2022), the Janelia Fly Facility will discard 10,000 stocks from our Generation 1 GAL4 and LexA collections. Many of these lines are available from either the Bloomington Stock Center (BDSC) or the Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC). As your stock center orders help support their operations, please contact these community resources for all stocks that they offer. Stocks available from BDSC and VDRC rather than Janelia are indicated in the linked Excel files.

To view a complete list of the stocks being removed, please download the linked excel files:

Discontinued lines available externally Gen1 GAL4 lines Gen1 LexA lines

Deadline for ordering - Nov 15th 2022

All orders for discontinued stocks must be placed by Tue, 15 Nov 2022 23:59:00 UTC.